Paid Search

We are a true paid search agency – advertise of search engines and partner sites with paid search

Paid Search Agency

Account Strategy

In order to create strategy, we need to understand what the business strategy is. The paid search agency then can draw a plan of action and policy designed to achieve your overall business goals. Strategy is not tactics

Keyword Strategy

Keyword strategy is essential to developing winning search engine marketing campaigns. Your keyword strategy should incorporate high-performing keywords that drive relevant traffic to your business

Ad Copywriting

Ad copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials for your campaigns. But writing awesome ads that convert well is trickier than it sounds

Tracking & Testing

What gets measured gets managed, accurately tracking conversions i.e. leads, sales, revenue is essential to optimise your account

Account Optimization

Managing, testing, refining and ultimately, improving campaigns that exist within your paid search campaign. Account optimisation can, and should, take place in at all levels: Campaign, ad group, ad copy and keyword

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting provide consolidated data and actionnable insights to support decision making